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Why do you ask Me- Kwa nini waniuliza mimi

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We live in a world with rich and various cultural, social, and political elements that shape how we think about our own contexts. Our past and current circumstances may be a footprint of many failures, struggles, challenges, and perhaps a few successes. During tough times, few, or many, if we are honest, we may have come to conclude that nothing will change unless someone comes to our rescue. Indeed, we may have gotten so discouraged to think we can do something, no matter how small to change our situation. “Why do you ask me” invites you to look deep down yourself, identify small steps you can take amid your challenge. It encourages you to see possibilities and avenues that may seem small but play a great role in ushering you to higher grounds of success. The book encourages you to seek advice, ask questions, and more importantly, do something instead of relying on help that may or may not come. The book allows you to reflect on various resources inherently available in your own community including other family members, neighbors, friends, community members and fellow citizens. You will be encouraged and challenged to think of what you need to do first before seeking assistance. You will be motivated to look beyond your obstacles and take actions to better yourself. You will be challenged to never look at your loss, tragedy, weakness, disability, or special need as a reason for not taking a step to make the world a better place for yourself and others.